Everyone should have access to powerful financial tools.


In the special case of Paytokens, in order to create, one must destroy. All units of XPT are the direct result of the action of burning Litecoins. These burns are only allowed during unique periods of time known as 'Burn Cycles.'


XPT is secured by the highest level of scrypt hashing power known to man. This level of protection is only complimented by the additional layer of defense provided by the Proof-of-Burn itself. Without history an any major incident, the protocol surrogate has proven merit.


Initial growth targets for the platform are set to be in line with the growth of the underlying technologies. Burn cycles are planned until the initial supply target of 1,000,000,000 XLT is reached. At creation of the initial supply, an industry standard rate of 1% inflation is a guideline for production.


Paytokens naturally inherits the level of execution of its supporting technologies. Because of this, all transactions occur in realtime with confirmations at the steady rate of 2.5 minutes.