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2How the Dreamcast Copy Protection Was Defeated
3The Firefox Dilemma
4Amazon’s Chips Threaten Intel
5The cult of Stanley Kubrick
6Human-Centric Tools for Navigating Code [pdf]
7Designing Headers for HTTP Compression
8Undercover Cells: New Estimate of the Microbes Beneath the Continents
9REXPaint: Powerful, User-Friendly ASCII Art Editor
10Memristors for Curious Outsiders
11Forrest Mims, Radio Shack, and the Notebooks That Launched a Thousand Careers
12San Diego's Bird Scooter Hoarding Problem
13Adventures in Video Conferencing Part 1: The Wild World of WebRTC
14A Prion Love Story (2013)
15Just tell me how to use Go Modules
16EU Copyright: Block Everything, Never Make Mistakes, but Don't Use Upload Filter
17KLEAK: Practical Kernel Memory Disclosure Detection [pdf]
18SIGIL, a New Doom Campaign by John Romero
19Making Games in Lisp with Hypergiant and Chicken Scheme
20Warhol’s Bleak Prophecy
21Hook on PG&E Tower Eyed as Cause of Deadly Camp Fire
22Super-solid helium state confirmed in beautiful experiment
23House Oversight Committee Report on Equifax Breach [pdf]
24Using Bayesian Methods to Clean Up Human Labels
25Ulay Remembers the Crime of a Lifetime (2016)
26PracticalAI – A practical approach to learning machine learning
27The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop (2014)
28Hammer time: fixing the printer on a vintage IBM 1401 mainframe
29Callbacks in C++ using template functors (1994)
30After landing a lucrative job at a tech startup, I had made a terrible mistake
31IPFS, The Interplanetary File System, Simply Explained